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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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will not be an impediment. mark: not everyone sees free schooling as an easy solution. >> how will you get that done in four years and take care of the debt? senator: we'll have wall street making sure that public schools are tuition free. mark: one student said she would rather see minimum wage go up. >> i don't know where i stand but i think it's a good idea for giving money away like that is not -- mark: this mother of a student at hoover who has another at iowa state likes the idea of free college. >> i don't necessarily think it has to be free but it worries me with my kids coming out of college, the amount of debt they have. steve: senator sanders was in perry this afternoon.
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mart know -- martin o'malley are in town at 6:00 at drake university. complete coverage on air and online at and our chief political reporter will be there. steve: hillary clinton is picking up new endorsements in the democratic race for president. placidoplanned parenthood gave clinton its backing. gabby give -- giffords also giving support to clinton and tracy trayvon martin's mother is endorsing clinton for the same reason. stacey: the republican race is getting tighter. the latest quinnipiac poll
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head but ted cruz not far behind. marco rubio with 15% report. steve: today is day one of the 2016 iowa legislative session. kcci's marcus mcintosh is live at the state house with more on the festivities. marcus: you can see the state house behind me. this morning, when legislators came in to start their first day of work for the session, in the house, they met each other with hugs, hand shakes and smiles. a few new legislators were sworn in and there was a first in the iowa house. republican state representative linda upmeyer was officially sworn in as speaker of the house, the first female to hold that leadership position in the iowa house. the first female to hold that position in the state of iowa but not the first in her family. her father was house speaker in
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upmeyer says it's an honor to follow in her father's footsteps and she knows it's time to dig in and get to work. >> we should focus on the expectations of iowans we have been elected to represent. our constituents expect us to listen to them. to bring their ideas and concerns into this building, share them, and use them to do what is right for the future of our state. marcus: coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll hear from lawmakers who tell us what their priorities are for the upcoming session. stacey: a davis county teenager charged with murdering his father. officials say 16-year-old michael goodwin jr. is charged in the death of michael goodwin sr. the investigation is ongoing.
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call the davis county sheriff's office at the number on your screen. a clyde man is in court accused of murdering his girlfriend's toddler. today we learned what he says happened days before the child died. kim is back from the polk county courthouse. joe lopez says ruby alvarez fell from her high chair when he was in another room. kim: prosecutors spent a lot of time going over the morning of november 29, 2014, around 2:00, when lopez said he took ruby into the kitchen to feed her. a doctor who treated ruby said her injuries did not appear accidental. this is the first picture of the high chair joe lopez says ruby fell out of while eating turkey, approximately five feet to a concrete floor. lopez told the detective he found ruby lying face-up, gasping for air.
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you ruby's gasping for air, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> and mr. lopez doesn't call 9-1-1? kim: instead, lopez and ruby's mother drove her to the hospital. pictures show turkey on the high chair and floor but investigators try to prove that it could have been put there after the fact. >> mr. lopez told you after ruby's been admitted to the hospital he goes back to the apartment. >> that is correct. >> before law enforcement gets there? kim: the the radiologist who analyzed the c.a.t. scan told jurors he's never seen such significant rib fractures. >> the amount of blood we see is more than i've ever seen from a simple fall from a linear acceleration. kim: the defense argued investigators have no physical intentional. >> did you ask that any crime
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for possible d.n.a. evidence from ruby? >> no, sir. >> or obtain any hair samples from the floor? >> no, sir. kim: the radiologist told lopez's defense attorney that he's seen children with skull fractures from falls as low as two feet. >> the boone fire department is investigating an early morning fire. all the residents were evacuated safely and nobody was hurt. investigators are back on the scene of a west des moines house fire today that broke out early sunday morning. nobody was home at the time. one firefighter was hurt when an exterior wall fell on top of him but he has been released from hospital. curtis, it was nice to go outside and not have your face blown off today. it was cold this weekend. curtis: that sums it up nicely. we had nice sunshine today.
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night goes along, wind chill advisories, northern iowa into minnesota, going in effect later tonight. dusting. temperatures will drop off. the best chance for the snow between around 7:00 and 11:00. 20's down to the single digits, look at tomorrow morning, below zero wind chills. it will be a sunny tuesday across most of the state. those overnight lows, northern iowa below zero readings in minnesota and dakotas. 20's to the south. one january thaw in the eight-day forecast. we'll let you know which day will be the best coming up. stacey: two days to go before the next powerball drawing and the jackpot is up to $1.4 billion. there is no guarantee that anyone will have all the winning numbers wednesday night. lottery officials say 75% of the possible combinations were purchased before saturday night's drawing. they expect about 80% to be
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next at 5:00, getting guzman, new video shows a dramatic shoot out with drug kingpin "el chapo." >> how a single injection may
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this is kcci 8 news at 5:00. with steve karlin, stacey horst. steve: no workout or diet plan can help you specifically target a double chin. stacey: but a new cosmetic procedure can. how it works, new at 5:00. >> some middle-aged women despise looking into the mirror. the fat under her chin can be a thing of the past, with the help of a new non-surgical procedure. >> my husband passed away recently and i want to do something for me. reporter: doctors start by marking the chin with guidelines, then project the treatment.
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g.i. system and its purpose is to dissolve fat. reporter: it may come in a small package but is said to produce large results, according to jennifer jones who is in for her second treatment. >> the first thing you look at is your face and i wanted it a little more defined. i've been looking back at my before pictures this morning and i'm like, wow, actually there totally is a difference. four visits to get the double chin away but jennifer says, after her struggle with weight surgery. >> it doesn't come back so that's what i like about it. it's permanent. >> for all the males out there, this procedure is not just for women. males can also develop double chins based on age and genetics. kcci 8 news. stacey: the process costs on average $1,000 to $2,000. steve: the sleight is warning of worse attacks following an
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left 18 people dead. gunmen set off a car bomb and launched a suicide attack, then stormed the complex. iraqi authorities say troops killed two of the attackers and arrested four others. the u.s. state department is not confirming a claim by north korea that it is holding an american citizen prisoner. the man says he used to live in fairfax, virginia. north korea accuses him of stealing nuclear and military secrets. dramatic new video shows a mexican police and marines raid of "el chapo's" hide-out during operation black swan. extradition proceedings are underway for the mexican drug lord. mexico plans to send him to the u.s. to face justice here. joaquin guzman was captured
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run. police say he was hiding in the house seen in this video but managed to get away during that shootout. he was later captured along a highway. stacey: do you want to build a snowman? bella does, the 4-year-old dreams of snow but she's in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment. she's never had the chance to play in the snow but that's when some of her nurses at the university of iowa children's hospital had an idea. >> let's bring some snow inside and have a little snowball fight and another nurse decided, let's build a loft. stacey: staff dumped a heap of snow into one of the hospital's play rooms for bella, helping her make a life-long dream come true. that is so cool. steve: kurtis, makes us wonder about our chances for snow coming up. kurtis: another push of cold air, may bring out a light
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but overnight, maybe as much as a half inch. a few locations. we did warm up nicely today up into the 20's, had sunshine. wind chill now at 9. winds picking up. they're going to get dusty as the night goes along. already below zero piches in northern iowa. feels better to the south. wind chill advisory from 3:00 a.m. until noon tuesday. wind chills 15 to 25 degrees below zero. poke hants county included in this, franklin county. it will be a cold night across the state. clouds increase 7:00 p.m., in the 20's, light snow. probably 10:00 p.m. 20 degrees. look at the temperature drop, 7:00 a.m., 7. northwest winds 16 gusting to 23. highs tomorrow in the single digits about 20 degrees below our normal high.
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3:00 p.m. temperature at 12 degrees. have a little bit of flurry activity early on, most light is now from decorra up through rockford, illinois. upstream, a weak system will drop through and this could kick up flurries and light snow showers, not that widespread. secondary push of cold air as another ridge of high pressure builds in, bringing sunshine tomorrow but another cold day across most of the midwest. here's future cast, again, that's snow to the east and northeast at 7:00 p.m. our light snow arriving around 9:00, 10:00, hanging around early tomorrow morning, down in southern iowa, clouds moving out. sunshine tomorrow although i think there will be a few clouds to the northeast and then as we head into wednesday, a push of warmer air will kick up some clouds early and then we'll see some late-day sun. not impressive snowfall totals with this. most locations under half an
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trace to a 10th of an inch. temperatures tonight dipping. 7 degrees, light snow out there. northwest winds 15 to 25. could be some problems with blowing snow in a few locations, limiting visibilities. tomorrow, 11, breezy cold wind chills in the metro. colder to the north. the warm-up wednesday, 30. thursday, 41. looking like a january thaw across the state. i think any light snow chance on friday would be late. 30. and back into the cold for the weekend with highs in the teens. steve: one thing to tell you about in traffic that may impact your drive home especially if you're heading northbound, east mix master way. we have a disabled vehicle on the ramp from westbound i-80 to northbound i-35 on the left shoulder there. that is slowing things down a bit in that area. a lot of green to be seen across the map otherwise and drive
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they should be. eight minutes to the west, seven minutes to the east. stacey: tonight at 6:00, turns out a billion dollar jackpot can cause headaches. have you seen the power play jackpot? it's over $1 billion. i'll show you why the people at the lottery can't keep up. stacey: all three democratic presidential candidates in des moines getting ready for the brown and black. >> the colon -- cyclone men losing over the weekend drops them in the national rankings. >> coming up, the fierce fight for voters in iowa and new hampshire.
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the latest polls. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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steve: today in the buzz, the 2016 awards season kicked off last night with the 73rd annual golden globe awards. stacey: "the martian" won for
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best drama went to "revenant." leake won leonardo dicaprio won best actor for his role. the moment of the night was an awkward exchange between leonardo dicaprio and lady gaga. steve: lady gaga bumped into dicaprio on the way to the stage to accept her award for her role in "american horror story." leonardo's expression started trending and he complains -- explained that lady gaga took him by surprise. also on tv last night, "the good wife" on cbs. stacey: one of the characters is running for president and they're in iowa for the caucuses. we clipped out all the iowa references. steve: plus the not-so-nice words one of the character his
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check this out. >> i've won five campaigns in iowa and this is the first time we had the full grassley insight. >> named after senator chuck grassley. a senate that lives all counties in iowa. i don't know how people live out here. there's nothing to do. >> being on a bus in the middle of iowa. that's the nightmare. >> what delicacy do we eat here? >> sweet sandwiches. >> i'm from iowa. i went to roosevelt high school in des moines and i wouldn't be here if i didn't believe in governor florrick. >> this can't really be happening, can it? >> i told you, iowa is different. >> do you know what was invented in iowa? >> no. >> neither do i because iowa has contributed nothing to our union and i don't understand why a state so insignificant gets the
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primary. stacey: ouch. steve: you said you watched that and you were stunned. stacey: it hurt my feelings. steve: i supposed we're supposed to be iowa nice and turn the other cheek. stacey: moving on. the music world is saying goodbye to david bowie. he died yesterday at the age of 69. steve: bowie battled cancer for 18 months. he released a new album on friday, his birthday. bowie will be remembered for oldies but goodies like "under pressure," "changes" and "space ododyssey." this shows the changes in bowie's look through the years.
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>> time may change me, these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke.
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the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment.
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>> forget the ice cream for this car owner who will need a blow torch. icy water from lake erie, snow, rain and heavy rain, created this -- vehicle spotted parked along the road in hamburg, new york. kurtis: hey, a lesson tomorrow, a cold one. 30, wednesday, 40's friday, light snow on friday and more cold for the weekend.
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